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Seven Women Claim for Negligent Hysterectomies Against Private Clinic

A group of seven women have made claims against a doctor in a private clinic regarding the hysterectomy procedures they underwent their, as they claim their doctor was guilty of medical negligence.

A total of seven women have made claims for negligent hysterectomies against Dr Peter van Greene. Dr van Greene used to work at the Aut Even Hospital, a private facility in Kilkenny, between 2009 and 2011. Dr van Greene was recently before the Medical Council’s Fitness to Practise Committee, which found that he was guilty of two counts of poor professional performance. The claims for negligent hysterectomies were made by the women before this hearing took place.

Helen Cruise and three other anonymous women were amongst those who made claims against the doctor. Helen claims that her hysterectomy was performed without her informed consent, and that she would not have opted for the procedure had she been offered more information. Since the operation, Helen has been suffering from bouts of depression.

Speaking at the Medical Council’s Fitness to Practise Committee, Helen alleged that the procedure, the long-term effects, any risks  involved, were only explained to her by Dr van Greene after she had been administered with a spinal anaesthetic. Therefore, she was not in a fit state of mind to decide to have the procedure done. Furthermore, Helen needed six units of blood needed transferred to her after the procedure, as she was bleeding excessively.

The hearing also included details of how Dr van Greene had applied for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom, as he is currently unemployed. In spite of being under investigation for his conduct, he began working at the Whitfield Clinic in Waterford.

However, despite his declaration of bankruptcy, the women making claims against him should still be able to claim for compensation. Any settlements that will be awarded will be paid for by Dr van Greene’s medical indemnity insurance company. The results of the hearing should be available later this year.

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